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Who needs an Estate Sale Service?
Any one Downsizing, Moving out of state, or liquidating a loved ones household. It is in our best interest to liquidate as much for you as we can. Everyday practical house hold items are also very popular, so do not think you might not have items people will want to buy. People from Chattanooga , Hixson, Dalton and Cleveland all love a good sale! And you may be surprised at what will sell, and how far people travel from to buy it!

What services do you provide?
Apple Estate Sales handles your sale from beginning to end. Everything from preparation, which includes sorting, pricing, merchandising, advertising and conducting the sale. We advertise in the local paper and put up signs. During the sale, we provide safety and security of the merchandise, handle the bookkeeping and provide friendly and professional customer service.

When is a good time to have an estate sale?
Our customers attend estate sales ALL year, so any month is a great time for a sale.  We run our sales on Saturdays and Sundays, a smaller sale will tend to be a Saturday only.  What kinds of items do you sell?Furniture, clothing, tools, appliances, jewelry, artwork, antiques, collectibles, garden equipment and almost any household item.  Antiques & Collectables are evaluated and priced accordingly!

What is your commission?
Apple Estate Sales charges percentage commission of the gross sales. Commission Fees come out of Sale Proceeds.  This commission is determined before a contract is signed and is based upon the estimated amount of work involved in preparing the sale, sale expenses, and quality of merchandise. We do not charge for newspaper advertising, so there are no other charges except in the event that a dumpster is required to get the house ready for a sale or if the client chooses to have one for any remaining items after the sale.

What areas do you conduct sales in?
While we are located in the East Brainerd area of Chattanooga , we have held many sales in the surrounding areas. Signal Mountain, Lookout Mountain, Lookout Valley, Dalton, Cleveland, Ringgold, Red Bank, East Chattanooga , Etc. We are willing to go just about anywhere we are needed. We have even been to North Carolina to conduct a sale!

Why Choose Apple Estate Sales?
We are locally owned and operated. We have a core staff that has been with us at least 15+ years each. We strive to go above and beyond to provide you with the best experience as possible. We take the stress out of a time which can be unnerving. We leave your home broom swept, carpets vacuumed, and countertops wiped down, with the Garbage hauled off. We can also provide a maid service to leave the house ready to sell, if requested. We can have you ready to walk into the home the Monday after a sale with a whole new sense of relief.